STYLE GURU BIO: Rosalie Gibbons

Hello fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Rosalie Gibbons and I have a passion for fashion! As funny as that sounds, I truly have had a love for fashion since I was a little girl. I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland which is located right outside of our nation’s capital Washington D.C. Growing up in a suburb of a large global city really gave me insight in the different styles people wear to express themselves. Fashion, is of course, one of the major forms of personal expression.

Currently I am a senior at the University of South Carolina studying visual communications. I chose to study visual communications because it blends my interests in photography, writing, journalism and graphic design. My creative cravings drove me to pursue these fields, but I still felt as if something was missing. Fashion to the rescue. I am so excited to become a style guru because I am tremendously interested in making a career connected to fashion and pursuing my dream of working in the fashion industry.

Last semester I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and got to experience a whole new city and country. I discovered a new sense of style, and I visited some of the fashion capitals of the world…Paris, Amsterdam and Rome to name a few. Wow, what an experience it was! Although I had a love and appreciation for fashion before, studying in Europe opened me up to a whole new world of chic. It brought me out of my so-called fashion shell. I love to try out new trends and create very versatile outfits.

My initial sources of style inspiration come from social media, especially Pinterest and Instagram. Also of course from the people I see on campus and the places I travel. I can’t wait to jump start my contribution to the fashion world by being a style guru. Please be sure to visit my blog. Here’s to discovering your inner chic!