STYLE GURU BIO: Rochell Rotenberg

I may not know much about fashion in practice but I love talking about it. I’m studying media studies at the University of California, Berkeley and double minoring in journalism and creative writing. I am interning at a global brand-marketing agency this summer and I write for this awesome lifestyle blog called She’s Fit To Lead. As a native of Los Angeles, fashion is kind of engraved into your mind. You admire it on billboards, dream about it through the mesmerizing retail windows and scroll through hundreds of fashion-inspired Instagram feeds. In NorCal, it’s a little different. Up in the bay, fashion is what you make it. I examine things that people wear that I would never have put together or even thought of and it all works so well. Fashion in college possesses an “I’ll where what I want and you’ll like it” attitude. You notice the amazing handmade jewelry, the girl who isn’t afraid to wear purple lipstick to an 8:00 a.m. math lecture, and you’ll even come across a guy who wants to go shopping with you after class because he’s tired of wearing T-shirts and shorts. That’s been the best part about adjusting to school 300 miles away: the oh-so-good change that comes along with it.

When I was a little girl, my mom would dress me in these absurd costume-like ensembles, as if I was a doll. Everyone loved it. Growing up, I didn’t want to have clothes that everyone else had. And if something was simple, my mom would always add a hat, belt or scarf—she had the ability to make a simple outfit an extraordinary one that would have everyone talking.

I could not be more grateful that I was raised this way. Even with a tank top and jeans, I always have this itch to add a statement necklace or some funky shoes. I would much rather be overdressed than underdressed. Even though fashion hasn’t always been my thing, I’m starting to pay close attention to details. Reading more magazines and analyzing the latest trends are just two of my many new fashion-inspired hobbies I’ve acquired since going to college.

You can often find me running to class in my classic sneakers. I love repping my school pride with my Cal bangle. When it’s super sunny, I grab my go-to sunglasses but since the weather in Berkeley is always so unpredictable, I have to have my favorite umbrella with me at all times.

I’m so excited to embark on this learning journey with all you readers as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I’m looking forward to growing and hopefully becoming a little more stylish through the process.