Hi! My name is Robi McBride and I am one of the newest CollegeFashionista Style Gurus representing Florida State University. I am beyond excited to start this journey of exploring my own sense of style and gathering inspiration from my future muses. My articles this summer will hopefully be able to capture the essence of a Floridian’s wardrobe and the more edgy street style of London, where I will be studying abroad in July.

I’m from a small town located in central Florida called Ocala. My taste has never been aligned with those in my town who prefer camouflage and cowboy boots, but this contention has helped me to embrace the importance of being bold and not necessarily caring what other people think about how you dress. As a student at Florida State University, I am continuing to pursue that idea with a major in retail merchandising and product development—a degree I hope to be able to put to good use in the fashion industry one day.

My main outfit inspiration comes from my admiration of other cultures that I have come across while traveling. Although I may have grown up in a small bubble of a town, my parents made sure that I knew of places beyond it, and for that I am grateful. Whether it’s the tribal prints of South Africa, the effortless Parisian elegance or the bohemian flair of Costa Rica, they’ve all helped me develop an eclectic taste. This often leads to me obsessing over graphic T-shirts and boyfriend jeans one day, and flowered pastel dresses the next day. I like to think of it as versatility rather than indecisiveness.

I’m excited to challenge my creativity this summer and gain knowledge from my new CollegeFashionista family. I plan on embracing my weirdness and my diverse taste. I hope you all stick around for this adventure!