STYLE GURU BIO: Riviera Boatman

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, fashion lovers! My name is Riviera Boatman and in a few short months I will be starting my junior year at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. As a Fashion Merchandising student, I am lucky enough to learn about the wonderful world of fashion every single day, and I could not be happier about it. This is my first time being a Style Guru and I am extremely excited to share all the amazing looks I see in Richmond, and share all my thoughts about fashion that I usually can never contain.

I truly believe my mother influenced my love of fashion. She’s the type of woman who hates leaving the house without looking put together, which for her usually means classic head to toe black and red lipstick. Since the day I was born she loved to style me, usually in a dress so puffy that it was hard to locate myself in the layers of ruffles and tulle. I remember, as a kid, my mom would help me choose my outfits and I would usually exclaim that they were “too much” and that, “I didn’t want to be most dressed up”. Even though I complained when I was younger, it was my mom who showed me that it’s more than okay to stand out from the crowd and even to be the “most dressed up”. My childhood and teen years were a blur of America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway episodes and thousands of fashion magazines, all of which continued to ignite the spark of my love for fashion.

Even though I’ve always loved fashion, I have never been consistent with my personal style. In middle school I refused to shop anywhere except Hot Topic and my daily look usually consisted of skate shoes, skinny jeans in a crazy pattern, a band shirt and a studded belt. Both my mom and dad accompanied me on my shopping trips and tried to act interested when I asked which heavy metal band shirt I should get, which meant a lot to me. Some time during ninth grade I saw the light and realized there were many more stores, and styles, to explore. Ever since then, I’ve dabbled a little in every look. The only way I can really describe my day-to-day style is ever changing and eclectic.

This particular outfit represents a lot of things I love to have in an everyday look. Rompers are such a great staple because they are comfortable yet chic and can be dressed up or down by shoes and jewelry. Floral prints are also favorite of mine because they are so classic, feminine and very versatile. I love statement accessories like these chunky white heels and floppy hat because they add a unique touch and make the outfit more eye-catching. I am looking forward to showing and writing about the amazing fashion I see around me every day!