I’m now a 21-year-old, who is majoring in communication studies at Pace University and loving the world’s creativity through my photography minor. I am thrilled to be back at my computer again writing for CollegeFashionista, as this will be my second semester! It has felt incredible living in the city over the summer, as it’s given me the chance to see what fashion has had in store for us all four times this year. I’ve been pretty lucky to have gone to Fashion Week and spend time with some amazing models for Gypsy Sport. My aunt, being a huge part for their brand and Creative Director, has truly opened my eyes to what it is like to work in Vogue.

I’m just a girl waiting for the day when I can sit in a room and say, “This is what I’ve worked so hard for.” I am a free spirit at heart, but I also have the attitude of Karl Lagerfeld. Similar to Karl, Max, my fluffy, white coated, blue-eyed cat is also the Choupette in my life. Besides me obsessing over all cat relative items, my other love is music. Spotify has not only changed my life, but also the way I discover new music. If I’m not at a concert or dreaming about Matty Healy from The 1975, I am a human burrito in my bed watching, as of now, One Tree Hill. I can thank my roommate Kimia to showing me her “burritoness” ways this summer. She is a queen and so is Brooke Davis—“Clothes over Bros.”

Life is too short and so is the time spent drinking my favorite iced vanilla Chai tea latte in one had and a good read in the other. So, instead of dreaming about the future, I try to live life like nobody is watching and spending it with close friends and family. The city has made me grow up a lot this past summer, but I think now it’s time to show the city what I am made of. If you are in the city, I’d love to meet you! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, as I hope to follow as many of you Fashionistas as I can this year!

Keep being RAD and inspired.