STYLE GURU BIO: Rinette Bondoc

Greetings, my fellow fashion enthusiasts! I’m beyond excited to be returning as a Style Guru and Social Media Intern for CollegeFashionista this summer.

To share more about me—I am currently completing my last year before earning my bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing. I’m so grateful and happy to have been able to dedicate my education to learning all about the various aspects of the fashion industry including retail buying, styling, brand strategy and more.

As my knowledge about the industry has grown, I’ve discovered that my personal style has been able to change and evolve throughout my college career as well. Which brings me to my current go-to looks—where I can either be inspired by Japanese street style one day or even Japanese minimalism another day. In this particular look, which is more street motivated, I was able to incorporate one of my favorite casual bomber jackets, I love the bright splashes of color and the stripe detailing. I paired it with an adidas graphic T-shirt, a bandana and my favorite ripped skinny jeans for a cool yet put-together ensemble.

My non-fashion related interests include TV, I’ve recently been obsessed with watching Asian dramas in particular and of course, I love anything having to do with social media. I love traveling as well and spending time with my family is always one of my number one priorities. During my summer break, I’ll be traveling to the Philippines for a vacation which I’m so excited about since it’s been almost 10 years since I last visited.

All in all, I’m so stoked to have another semester to showcase more of the style and outfits of the Fashionistas in my city and on my campus. As well as the opportunity to share and see all of the #StyleGuruLove posts of my fellow Style Gurus. So until my next article, Fashionistas/os! Happy summer and always remember to stay #RAD.