STYLE GURU BIO: Richelle Henry

Hello Fashionistas, Fashionistos and fellow Style Gurus! I am Richelle Henry, and I am back for another RAD semester as a spring 2015 Style Guru for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am so excited to rock another semester finding and sharing students’ style. I cannot even begin to express the awesome experiences that come with being a Style Guru, but I hope you’ll see just how RAD it is to be one.

Winter break has been the perfect time for me to become more educated on things going on the fashion world, like Diane von Furstenberg’s search for a brand ambassador. Although I haven’t finished watching that season, I have completed my collection of favorite movies. Those movies, especially Clueless and The Breakfast Club, have influenced my style. My style is a mixture of Cher’s prep and John Bender’s grunge. These styles include a lot of cool textures and material I plan to experiment with this semester. Now, I may be having too much fun with faux fur and my favorite biker boots. I have faux fur cardigans, scarves, even sneakers. I strut in these boots almost every day, so I guess you could say I’ve been feeling more “Bender” than “Cher,” lately.

Wearing leather was a no-brainer for this article. It makes me feel so much cooler, and although it’s not always warm enough for it, I make room for it on days that are not as chilly. What makes this coat one of my top favorites is its asymmetrical design. Having a sister means countless closet raids and that’s where I got this beauty of a handbag. My sister is just as much a Fashionista as I am, if you couldn’t already tell. Makeup hasn’t always been my strongest skill but my favorite YouTube gurus, Jenn Im and Stephanie Villa, have some RAD combos I’m ready to tackle this semester.

I have already learned so much as a Style Guru, which only makes me more eager to get out on campus and capture styles that have yet to be discovered. I feel like last semester, Fashionistas/os were focused on confidence and being yourself. I think this semester will be about more fun, fashionable ways to stay warm. I find so much life in exploring new subjects and discovering new things in fashion. CollegeFashionista is still the perfect place to show what I’ve found. It’s a new year and a fresh semester. Let’s make it UNCG’s most RAD one yet!