Hello to all you lovely fashion enthusiasts! My name is Ria Lazo (yes, it’s like Maria, but without the Ma) and I am so excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista this summer! I currently reside in sunny California, studying business marketing at California State University- Fullerton. I’m a full-time student and part-time fashion blogger wannabe.

Fashion for me has always been my source of self-confidence. Even when I was younger, I remember feeling insecure if my outfit did not meet my standards. When I was seven years old, I bought this very unflattering blue vest from Ross. I would wear it incessantly with anything and everything—and as you could probably guess, it never matched a single outfit. Though I laugh at the vest now, it showed me that regardless of what others think, fashion is what makes me confident.

I think something we all struggle with is feeling confident in our life determinations. For me, blogging became an outlet to express my creativity; to cultivate my own confidence while empowering others to do so as well. Living confidently is difficult, but making bold decisions is the first leap! My advice to you, is to be brave in your style choices. Be inspired, but of course make it your own. Do what makes you, you.

I hope my posts further inspire you to discover your own style confidence. My posts will highlight living comfortably and positively in your fashion choices. Either you’re vacationing in Europe or Netflix and chilling. I hope to give you an array of fashion ideas this summer. Looking forward to a RAD summer with you!