“Fashion is art, and you’re the canvas.”

I have always thought of fashion as one of the best, most effective forms of self- expression that can really make the difference in anyone’s life.

My name is Rhea Jauhar. I am a junior studying public relations and advertising at Indiana University’s Media School. I am so excited to finally share my love for fashion with everyone! I love discovering all the new trendy and fun things to try next. Whether it be hand chains and fringe belts or harem pants and bodysuits. trying it all is always necessary.

Ever since I can remember I have been mesmerized by fashion and its place in the world. Coming from a family that loves to travel and being a student at the very diverse, Indiana University, I have been able to see fashion trends and cultural styles from all around the world.

Traveling to India every year has really had an influence on my own personal style, but has also sparked my interest in finding the origins of styles and trends when they surface at first. For example, how current trends like kimono tops came from the original Chinese cultural dress, the traditional kimono.

Indiana University has shown me that there is more to fashion than what is being heavily advertised; walking around campus is like going to a fashion show where each student is their own designer and is able to express their personality, their mood and much more through fashion.

Personally, I love mixing and matching overall styles such as edgy- bohemian or girly- grunge and am super excited about the 90’s styles that are being incorporated into todays new fashion trends. If you see me around campus, one item you probably will not see me without would be my forever-favorite black high-top Converse.

I hope all you Fashionistas/os enjoy going with me on my journey exploring the new and upcoming styles and trends of the winter and spring of 2016!