STYLE GURU BIO: Renni Turpin

Hey there! My name is Renni, and I’m a first-year English major at Northeastern University. I am beyond excited to be interning as a Style Guru for the spring semester. I can only assume that going to school in the tundra of Boston I will be covering fashionable coats and snow boots at least for the first few months. As a Southern girl from Charlotte, North Carolina, I am thrilled to discover all the options for winter wear even though I’m less than thrilled for the actual winter. Where I grew up, all weather below 40 degrees was unbearable. I’ve never even owned a real coat. Even when the weather is in the mid-60s, I enjoy wearing beanies and scarves.

During my formative years, I was decked out in athletic socks and polyester jerseys as I played every sport with and without a ball. However, once I hung up my cleats, I discovered fashion. I had a lot of catching up to do in the fashion realm, but settled on a style that oscillates between classic and grunge with an emphasis on functionality. A remnant of my sports days, I can’t stand an outfit that wouldn’t allow me to participate in an impromptu foot race. Shoes are an important part of any active outfit, and I favor Keds or boots.

My main style influence is my mom. She is effortlessly stylish. Her style is elegant and classic, usually with a pashmina wrapped around her shoulders and with subtle hints of her Southern roots. Hints of Southern style have pervaded my outfits as well. I love seersucker and light sundresses with cowboy boots. My mom’s main fashion tip is to always wear a smile and bring a cardigan. I can only agree with my mother’s wisdom that layers are a best practice and a good outfit can always bring a smile. Every Wednesday, I will be bringing you smile worthy fashion straight from Northeastern University.