My name is Rei Fujita, and I was born in Tokyo, raised in Hawaii. Coming from this background, my style, like myself, is a mix of both Asian and Western influences. Being surrounded by American culture and constantly going back to Tokyo, I stayed in touch with my roots and my fashion sense evolved to incorporate both elements. Often times the trends in America and the trends in Asia differ and so I always find it fun and interesting to keep up with both.

I have always wanted to work in fashion, and spending most of my time in Hawaii, the fashion scene there isn’t very big. This led me to looks for other means, an outlet to express my love for fashion and creativity, which led me to start a personal style blog. This is where I first began learning how to photograph, write and style. It allows me to explore a lot of different aspects and discover more of my own style.

If I had to define my personal style or more of what I aspire to it would be feminine and classic with a modern twist. I love timeless pieces, pieces that you can wear all seasons or still wear in 10 years. I’m also someone who never lacks color and has an appreciation for small details. I love structure and shape in clothing and a polished look is what I try to go for.

I’m excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista for the first time, and my writing skills are a bit rough but I hope to have a great summer!