Welcome to my style journey as documented here on CollegeFashionista. I feel incredibly honored to be able to write for this amazing site. My first encounter with CollegeFashionista was actually when I got stopped on campus by a fellow Fashionista and she asked to take my picture. I spent a few hours browsing the website that night and I’ve been intrigued ever since.

My major in my university is Fashion Design, and I plan to add a minor in Women’s Studies soon as well. I’ve always been fascinated by how the times can affect how we dress and how we express ourselves. As a former vintage addict, I used to dress as a head-to-toe homage to mid-century style, right down to the red lipstick. At a certain point, I realized that the look didn’t really hold my interest anymore. I felt trapped in it because it felt like I had really committed to it. This is what led me to my biggest revelation about style yet: you have to let yourself change.

The idea of reinventing my style was thrilling to me, and all of a sudden, clothes became fun again. Nowadays, I’m reluctant to describe my style as anything in particular; I relish in the idea that I can dress according to my mood or whatever is inspiring me in that moment. I never want to feel pigeonholed to one style or way of dress again. One day, I might feel very bohemian and want to wear a fur vest with bell bottoms. The next day, I might watch The Craft and reach for a black choker and a plaid skirt. I’ve learned to be okay with this.

My goal is to encourage everyone to embrace their own crazy style tendencies. If you really can’t seem to manage more than leggings and a flannel on any given day, then so be it. Style should be an outlet to empower you, and nobody can dictate to you what style means to you personally.