May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Reena Patel and I am about to enter my very bittersweet final year at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am majoring in Family Science with a minor in Human Development and Business Analytics. While I may not be pursing my love of fashion through my education, rest easy knowing that it is still one of my most important relationships in life. I am more than thrilled to have the opportunity to share my fashion ideas and advice with you all this summer and even more thrilled to be doing it through CollegeFashionista!

While I can’t pinpoint an exact moment in my life when fashion became my forefront obsession, I have always loved being able to tell a personal story through my style choices. What you wear can express every part of your personality effortlessly. Because of this, I, like many of you, have turned to fashion as an outlet for creative expression.

As a native to Maryland, I’ve watched how so many diverse individuals capture their urge to create through their style. Here on the east coast, the weather can go from 80s and sunny to 40s and rainy in a blink of an eye. This change in degrees allows people to switch up their style everyday and leaves me desperately trying to rock a cozy flannel in the 90-degree heat.

For most college students, comfort is a must (especially when you’re running from class to internships to extracurricular activities). It’s important to find outfits that allow you to dress appropriately for all occasions but also stay modern and chic. I’ll do my best this summer to showcase styles that do exactly that! For me, staple items that bring comfort and charm into my wardrobe are reflective sunglasses, white Converse and printed shorts.

With that, I look forward to sharing the stories of trendy characters from the College Park area with you all over the next couple of months. Check back every Thursday for new articles!