STYLE GURU BIO: Rebekah Bell

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

When looking back at where my love for fashion began, I think of Christmas Day, year 2000. Instead of running downstairs, anxious to open presents like any other six-year-old, I spent my morning finding the perfect outfit to walk downstairs in. My mom told me I looked like Punky Brewster, the 1985 TV series character who wore layers upon layers of clothing. I like to think that I was a step ahead of my time for pairing leggings underneath my cotton ruffled skirt but, in reality, I was probably just sweating. After this moment, my obsession in finding the right look for the right occasion began to flourish.

Living in a house full of girls, fashion was something that inevitably became apart of my life. With three different styles came three different opinions and, in the midst of it all, I was constantly fighting to find my unique look. I drew inspiration from my mom’s business casual pieces, my older sister’s carefree bohemian closet and my younger sister’s love for the basics. I think these three polar opposite styles is where the formation of my personal collection came from. My love for shopping for off the wall pieces, and quality bargains, brought me to pursue a career in the fashion world. I am majoring in Textile and Apparel Management with a minor in both business and Spanish at the University of Missouri.

I like to have a mix of looks, from classic to vintage, in my overflowing closet. I see clothing as an expression, which is why I value my ridiculed, jam-packed wardrobe. I adore anything with a collar, next to some simple, yet bold, studs from Forever 21. All year I have found myself gravitating towards high-waisted pants, and with Memorial Day behind us, my white ripped pair from PacSun has been begging me to put them on. This summer, I am extremely excited to share my love for fashion with you Fashionistas/os. As a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, I will be updating my page weekly with many different summer outfits. Be on the lookout for inspiring pieces and looks all season that you can adapt and make your own here in Columbia, Missouri.