STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Scott

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Greetings, fellow fashion wizards! I am a Florida native, majoring in Mass Communications with a focus in advertising. I am 18 years old, but I am already finishing up my sophomore year at the University of South Florida.

This is my first semester interning for CollegeFashionista. For the past four years, I have been deeply intrigued by fashion, which I believe to be one of the highest forms of art. During my junior year of high school, I decided that I had a “passion for fashion,” as cliché as that sounds. I would do anything I could to land a job in that profession. At first, I considered becoming a fashion merchandiser or marketer, but the price of art institutes deterred me. I reckoned that advertising would be the closest I would get to a similar degree at a state university. Living in Tampa, I had my doubts about ever getting an internship that was fashion related. Luckily, I crossed paths with a kindred spirit on campus one day and she referred me to this website. I look forward to expanding my skills in journalism and photography while developing a stronger sense of individuality.

I asked my father to describe my personal style (since I’m home for the holidays). He said “techno prisoner,” and then a couple seconds later, my mother burst out laughing as she said “space hooker.” Thanks, mom and dad. They attribute my intense interest in fashion to my childhood obsession with Bratz Dolls, because I definitely didn’t inherit any fashion sense from them. If I had, I would be wearing bootcut jeans and stripes with plaid. I really dodged a bullet there. Usually I don’t dress as outlandishly as they think. I like to keep my style sort of minimalistic; as a result, the majority of my wardrobe is various shades of black, white and cream. In this specific look, I placed a lace bralette underneath my torn UNIF crop top to balance out the toughness of my distressed shorts. I also used frilly socks to counteract the canvas element of the chunky ankle boots. I finished the outfit off with a silver ram skull necklace, which really ties the ensemble together and gives a focal point to the viewer.