STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Klar

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

I am a junior English major with a concentration in rhetoric at Binghamton University, and this is my first semester working with CollegeFashionista. I am excited to have the chance to scout out Fashionistas/os during this season because summer style is my favorite.

After a long, brutally cold winter up in Binghamton I am more than ready to trade in my chunky sweaters for bathing suits. Although I do appreciate the opportunity the colder months have for fashion, I absolutely love warm-weather styles.

I’m a huge fan of laid back, casual outfits. The summer is a great time to have fun with your outfits and brighten up your wardrobe with light denim shorts and patterned, open cardigans. I’m a huge sunglasses hoarder, so the summer allows me to really get use out of my collection. The effortless style that comes along with summer is very appealing after the seemingly never-ending months of bundling up in hundreds of layers.

I have always had a love of the fashion and beauty industries. There’s definitely some trends I regret trying (I can’t remember why feather extensions ever seemed like a good idea), but I think that is what the fun is all about with fashion. It’s not about following the latest trends, or making sure you always look your best; it’s about expressing yourself and having fun doing it.

I can not wait to start my journey with CollegeFashionista. I have always loved writing and reading about fashion. From magazines to blogs, I consume an obscene amount fashion news on the daily. I am excited to start highlighting the Fashionistas/os around me and to begin documenting my personal style evolution.