STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca DeMaio

Hi party people! My name is Rebecca DeMaio, but my friends call me Bex! I’m going into my sophomore year at the University of Connecticut as a Marketing major. I hope to someday be a buyer or go into merchandising or advertising. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity with CollegeFashionista this summer!

Besides having clothes on my mind almost 24/7, I have a few other passions. At school, I’m in a sorority, play jazz alto saxophone and on the club softball team. Since I was old enough to hold a bat I’ve been trading in my sandals for a pair of cleats. I would say this rivals one of my other loves, eating. Being Italian, my days often revolve around meal times. It also acts as a perfect excuse to take the short trip to Arthur Ave in the city. If I’m not visiting the street of the most amazing Italian food (second to Grandma’s) then there’s a good chance I’m eating a wrap at the beach while snapping 5000 photos.

In terms of my style, I’m not a runway addict. I don’t obsess over just one fashion icon because there are too many, so what’s the fun in that? I online shop like I have a separate budget for it when I certainly don’t. My shopping carts are always full, but I’m pretty practical so I don’t always click “check out.” I’m Instagram and VSCO obsessed because did it really happen if there’s no picture? I can’t stick to one blog or magazine because I’m too indecisive, so I constantly bounce around for an abundance of ideas. The best reasons I get inspired are all around me: my campus, my peers and even random individuals on the street. A quick note in my phone and the chic top or edgy jacket I just spotted is added to my wish list. When I’m shopping I look for statement pieces, something that is different, something striking so people stop and say, “that’s cool, where’s it from?” Most of the time I find these at my go-to stores: Urban Outfitters, Lord & Taylor and Zara.

The look I chose for my bio demonstrates my undying love for my American Eagle Outfitters boyfriend jeans and the recent trend of lace-up shoes. I also included my T.J. Maxx (ballin’ on a budget) suede tank and velvet choker. I rarely leave the house without some assortment of rings (these are from a local store) and my Apple watch paired with my Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet. I also included my grandma’s vintage Gucci purse. My closet favorites include my adidas superstars, Ray-Ban aviators, Zara ripped black high-waisted jeans, Garage front button-down denim skirt and faded Yankee baseball hat.

I live by the thought that everything will work out in time, along with some hard work and laughter. Not to mention a good outfit and dark chocolate never hurts. I can’t wait for all this summer has to offer with CollegeFashionista!