STYLE GURU BIO: Reanna Pergolizzi

STYLE GURU BIO: Reanna Pergolizzi

Hello fellow Fashionista/os!

My name is Reanna, and this is my fifth semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I am currently going into my last semester of senior year at the Fashion Institute of Technology. My major is fashion business management with a specialization in product development.

I currently live in Manhattan, so I am inspired daily by the diverse street styles that catch my eye. What I love about living in New York City is that when it comes to fashion, it is all about personal and unique style. This has reflected in the many photos I have taken of CollegeFashionista’s. My biggest motto that I discuss in almost every article I write, is that you do not have to choose between being comfortable and trendy. Personally, as a college student, I love being comfortable. But as a fashion student, I love being trendy. I have finally mastered the ways to combine these two concepts, and I try to always discuss alternative options for the outfits that I photograph in order to dress them up or down.

When it comes to trends, I am currently obsessed with velvet and slip dresses. In my Style Guru Bio photos, you can see that I am wearing a velvet slip dress. I am absolutely loving all of the newest trends in silk, velvet, and mesh. Along with that, I am also really into silhouettes like the slip dress I discussed, along with oversized T-shirts and boyfriend jeans. I worked on two huge school projects last semester where I became really invested in fabric forecasting and silhouette directions.

CollegeFashionista has opened up so many doors for me and made me realize my immense interest in writing about fashion. Last semester I obtained an internship writing for a magazine on topics such as fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture. I am also very interested in styling, photography, and product development. Outside of my “educational” interests, my favorite thing to do is travel. I have a long list of places I want to adventure to! I spend most of my free time in the city checking out parks, bars, restaurants, and OF COURSE shopping!

I hope you will keep up with my articles and join me on this fashionable journey for my last semester in college!