STYLE GURU BIO: Reagan Latimer

Howdy Fashionistas and Fashionistos! It is time to kick off my fourth and probably last semester with the CollegeFashionista team. It has been fun stalking my fashionable classmates around campus and blowing up social media for the past few semesters. However, it makes me happy to know that the Texas A&M Guru team is growing! We now have four other interns for the College Station campus and one for our Corpus Christi campus. Be sure to check out their articles for more campus fashion!

My last semester of my BBA in marketing is looking to be pretty relaxing. Especially since I had time to squeeze in a wine making class just for fun-sies! Maybe at the end of the semester I’ll be able to add owning a winery to my ever-growing list of business ideas. That would be a more serious endeavor unlike the 24-hour donut shop my boyfriend and I came up with after watching Wayne’s World.

The newest and most exciting addition to my life is my family’s new golden retriever puppy, Kona! Lately, the majority of my social media activity has revolved around that little wiggly ball of fur. Hopefully with the start of a new CollegeFashionista semester, I will get back to more fashion focused content (or maybe not because she is so stinking cute). I made #AdventuresOfKona for her since I didn’t want to fully commit to crazy dog lady status with an Instagram account. From now on, my social media is just going to be a constant stream of cute puppies and fashion.

This semester I am very much looking forward to helping new interns grow in their writing and passing the fashion reigns of campus onto them and the new leadership of A&M’s fashion organization. The fashion organization is also seeing some big changes by undergoing some long overdue rebranding. Starting in the New Year, A-Line Aggies will be known as Aggie Fashion Headquarters. It will still be the fashion community students have grown to love, but with more visibility to the student body, more opportunities to learn about fashion as well as opportunities to build community. With the new name, we are also introducing our first spring fashion show!

Lots of change is coming in the New Year, but that doesn’t have to include clothes. Lately I’ve been wearing old clothes in new ways (something all college students know how to do). My olive blazer, suede tank top and booties have been residing in my closet for a good while, but they have never gotten to mingle together with my black jeans. Next time you get the shopping bug, take a trip to your closet and play around with things you already have. Stay tuned this semester for some inspiration!