STYLE GURU BIO: Raquel Wingard

What is the story of me? A fashionable girl from a not so fashionable town; that’s me! My name is Raquel Wingard, and I’m originally from Lancaster, Ohio, but I am currently attending Kent State University studying fashion merchandising with a minor in fashion media because I really do believe that Cosmopolitan is life.

In the past year, I have taken notice to all things black. Every style, every design, every and any garment is right for me if it comes in black. However, when it comes down to a specific style, I don’t have one. I like to believe that with confidence I can pull off anything. That being said, sporty, girly, prep, hip and even punk, I love it and I wear it all.

In my tiny yet not so tiny hometown, I was raised by my single mother along with my now 13-year-old sister who is on the spectrum. I also was just recently blessed with a baby brother—yay! Both my sister and I have been raised to believe that this world is at the palm of our hands and it’s best to take advantage. I’ve spent my entire life wanting to see and do everything I possibly can, and I am not stopping there. Starting in high school, I found my love for the arts and a passion for fashion. I may not be a designer, but I’m working on a sketch, and it has led me to these cute little booties that I got for a great price.

That’s the thing about fashion in my mind—my shirt doesn’t have to be from Chanel and my watch from Michael Kors for me to be “fashionable” or “trendy.” I believe being me is just good enough, even if it means I buy my lipstick from Wal-Mart.