Hello there beautiful people! My name is Raisa and I’m 19 years old from the city of Brampton in Canada. I am currently going into my third year at McMaster University studying social sciences. I was actually born in the country of Bangladesh. Some may be familiar but for those who don’t where that located, Bangladesh is actually a small country located in-between India and Myanmar. I came to Canada with my family when I was only a baby, so I pretty much know everything there is to know with being a proud Canadian.

Even though I don’t go to school for fashion I have always had a passion for clothes and style. McMaster is actually a place where I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from. There are so many students around campus that have amazing sense of style. I always love seeing the unique outfits that students put together. Ever since I could remember I have always been into fashion, as a little girl I would always watch Fashion Television and Project Runway. Growing up, I have always made sure I had knowledge of the latest trends and brands. Though I had my fair share of love for Hollister Co. and Gap, I knew that it was always important to have your own unique sense of style. Today, I don’t follow all of the trends. However, I do have an eye for taste and love incorporating different trends into my own personal wardrobe. Another love of mine is to express myself through makeup and hair. This may be a experimenting with a bright blue lip or just having a simple everyday look. Along with my love for fashion, makeup is something I love working with and pairing different looks with outfits.

I would like to believe that I don’t have a particular type of style. This is mainly because I love trying out different pieces of clothing. For example, you can find me wearing a beautiful long, bright sundress but I will add a leather jacket, velvet choker and a pair of black Chelsea boots. I just love putting together pieces that are edgy and different. On other days, you will catch me rocking a classic button-down with a pair of my favorite Talula leggings and some sandals. One staple that you will never catch me without is sunglasses. Sunglasses can make your outfit, they come is so many shapes and shades its amazing. Some of my favorites are found at Urban Outfitters, they are cheap and always trendy.

I can’t wait to start my role as a Style Guru. I know I will be having so much fun finding some unique outfits around my city this summer and sharing them with you!