Bonjour, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Rainy Paul and I could not be more thrilled to be back in action as a returning Style Guru on the sunny campus of the University of San Diego this spring. I am currently a junior majoring in Marketing and recently landed in the States after spending the past semester studying abroad in Europe. Throughout my travels in different countries and after thumbing through Vogue Italia, I gained inspiration from stylish men and women from all over the world. They taught me how to adapt to the unique sense of style attached to and worn by each city, and I can’t wait to continue spending another semester checking out killer street style!

Winter break is over, and the bright, New Year and semester are in full swing. Time for reality to hit…homework? Exams? Group projects? No thanks. I’m still planning on doing my fashion research in between study sessions. With ambitious resolutions for 2015 and after the experience of a lifetime traveling Europe, I’m ready to pull out a new perspective on personal style. My mantra of the year: be brave, be creative, be you and always try combining clothing I wouldn’t normally pair together, such as my striped shirt with my big, plaid scarf.

Today, I’m wearing a crisp white, graphic T-shirt with simple writing layered with a comfortable chambray by CURRENT/ELLIOT. In addition, I wanted to throw in an unexpected element, something to make you take a second look, so I slung my leopard coat over my shoulders. I also decided to wear my two-inch, strappy Mary Janes; perfect to shake up the look during the cold months. I am also all about pushing the limits with my style, so I decided to throw my motorcycle denim into the mix. This outfit embodies so many of the things that I love most about fashion: clean lines, fantastic fabrics and bold patterns.

Fashion continues to evolve not only from trend to trend, but from city to city as well. Following these sartorial changes is an exciting challenge, and I am eager to hold on and follow these trends, wherever they take me! I can’t wait to be inspired by the new styles for the New Year and bring them to life for you. Cheers!