STYLE GURU BIO: Rachelle Escobar

Hello everyone! I am Rachelle and I am very excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista summer intern team!

I can remember the moment I first fell in love with fashion and beauty, which was when I read my first issue of Seventeen when I was 12. Ever since that moment I have fallen in love with clothing, makeup and the process of getting ready when I get to put it all together.

I grew up in Los Angeles where I have been surrounded by mainly the beachy and laid back vibes. After finishing my first year of college in Paris and travelling to places such as Italy and Spain, I grew an appreciation for all types of styles and trends. I love dressing up even if I am only going to class because I find that life is too short to wear boring outfits.

I am also a lipstick hoarder. I find it as my confidence booster and that one can never go wrong a classic red, but that does not mean one should stray away from bold colors.

What I have learned about my style, though, is that I do not pay much attention to what is trending; I prefer to wear what I like and what I believe suits me well.

This summer I hope to be a Style Guru who represents the girl who chooses her own direction not only in what she wears but in life as well and encourage others to aim high.

I hope we all have an amazing summer. See you all soon!