STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Spross

STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Spross

Hey y’all, I’m Rachel! I’m a senior at the University of Texas at Austin where I am pursuing a degree in fashion design. After college I hope to get a job designing for a label or writing for a magazine. I am also interested in styling and blogging. My ultimate goal is to one day own my clothing line!

I’m a firm believer that fashion is a form of art and self expression. I love the way an outfit can convey a message or vibe. I have always loved all things creative, and fashion was my first creative outlet in middle school. Since then, I knew that fashion design was what I wanted to do with my life.

I am constantly inspired by various places and people. I love designing with a setting in mind of when and where my garment could be worn. I also draw inspiration from color and textures. My absolute favorite thing both to design and to shop for would have to be evening wear!

I would describe my own personal style as trendy yet feminine and chic. Additionally, I tend to like anything whimsical and romantic. I love floral prints, so it’s no surprise that this romper ended up in my shopping bag. While I do like to be fashionable, I’m also all about comfort. This romper paired with my favorite flat sandals is both stylish and comfy. I completed the look with my favorite cross-body handbag.

As I mentioned, I love all things creative. Besides fashion, I also enjoy music and performing arts, fitness, cooking (and eating), traveling and trying new things. Additionally, I currently run my own fashion and lifestyle blog, The Trendy Tomboy, which encompasses all of my favorite things.

As a 23-year-old senior, I’m getting ready to go into the “real world.” While the thought of being a full-blown adult is somewhat intimidating, it’s also exciting at the same time. I can’t wait to be working in the fashion industry. For me, fashion has never been and never will be work. I have been truly blessed in that I love what I do. I’m extremely thankful for that and for this opportunity! It’ll be a great semester.