Hey guys! I’m Rachel and this is my first semester with CollegeFashionista. I’m a sophomore at Binghamton University, majoring in mechanical engineering. Some people who are aware of my major are surprised by my interest in fashion, but as a girl from New York City, I think my appreciation for aesthetics has been instilled in me since I was young.

I was born and raised in Queens. Every weekend as a little girl, I used to go on family outings into Manhattan. I was mesmerized with not only the fast-paced lifestyle of the city, but with the latest trends that always seemed to showcase themselves in every pedestrian making their way down the busy avenues. I’ve fallen in love with the minimalist style, because each article of clothing by itself is simple and super versatile. Yet, when they’re layered and put together, they create beautiful, unique and clean looks. I think these outfits are perfectly timeless.

You will often find me wearing all-black, rocking my versatile Chelsea boots all-year round, or sporting my round Ray-Ban sunglasses rimmed with gold. I think I gravitate towards basic pieces, because they easily transition from season to season. On nice days, I sometimes wear my double strap heels. Although the norm is to wear them at night during a more formal occasion, I think their simplicity makes it possible to dress them down for the daytime. Plus, if a 4’10 girl could opt to be a little taller in her favorite shoes, I think she would.

Besides my fashion interests, I love to sing in the shower, eat good food (and a lot), and take pictures. During freshman year, I enrolled in a photography class and discovered my love for capturing aesthetic in my photos. There’s a satisfaction in having an image in your head, then it’s translated onto the pixelated screen of your camera. I can’t wait to get started at CollegeFashionista and see what the spring semester at Binghamton University holds!