STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Jones

I am so excited to be interning a second semester as a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista. Last semester was full of wonderful fall colors and prints, but now it’s time to embrace warm winter styles and eventually shed some layers for spring.

I am a third year psychology major at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. If you read my STYLE GURU BIO from last semester, you might be thinking, “Hey, weren’t you a journalism major?” If you’ve known me for a couple years you may be thinking, “Hey, weren’t you a communication major?” If you’ve known me from the beginning of college you may be thinking, “Hey, weren’t you a music major?” And if this is your first time reading my posts, you definitely think I’m crazy. Yes, I have changed my major many times, as any over-eager American college student would. However, this time I swear I’m sticking to psychology (plus I’m supposed to be graduating next year, so it’s really too late to change now).

All jokes aside, I do take my education seriously and I love studying in beautiful Malibu. On top of the amazing faculty and staff at Pepperdine, I love getting to know all my new classmates. There are always lots of Fashionistas/os around my campus and publishing them on CollegeFashionista is so rewarding!

I’ve been picking out my own clothes since I was three years old, and I love trying new things when it comes to style. I personally am a huge fan of black, especially all-black outfits. On top of that I love to add a little pop somewhere, hence the gold heel on my boots and a red lip. While I love watching fashion shows throughout the year and seeing what the designers have come up with, I truly believe dressing well is about you. What outfit makes you feel like you could takeover the world? What makes you feel comfortable? What makes you feel confident and beautiful? That’s what matters most to me.

I’m originally from Boston, so it’s refreshing to have winter in California be much less—winter. While it does get chilly, the cold never gets to a debilitating level. It is perfect for wearing chic winter outfits without having to look like the Michelin Man to stay warm. Later on in the spring, it will be beautiful and sunny every day (as are most days in Los Angeles) and I will get to see even more exciting trends and styles for the warmer weather. This semester at CollegeFashionista, I want to focus on individuality and uniqueness. Everyone’s outfit tells its own story and everyone can rock the same trend in totally different ways. I’m so excited to see what Fashionistas/os I will find!