STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Harper

Hey everyone! My name is Rachel Harper. I am a fashion merchandising major at Kent State University with a minor in marketing. Fashion has always been my go-to whenever I’m having a bad day or need some inspiration. I never knew fashion was meant to be my career until I decided that I wanted to go to Kent State, and it worked out perfectly that Kent State’s Fashion School is one of the best in the country. Match made in heaven is what I like to think of it. Fashion always created a new confidence in me and pushed me harder and better than the day before. As odd as it sounds, fashion gave me a new motivation for each day.

Being raised in a very small town, where everyone knew everyone, made it hard to branch out and create my own style because there was a certain “look” that many other people had. But, I pushed myself and dedicated myself to being happy and fashion equals happiness, for me. One day, I hope to create happiness within others through clothing, and maybe they will become better versions of themselves.

Fashion is always changing and keeps me on my toes, which is great for me because I love fast-paced! Being busy makes me content. That being said, I always involve myself in anything I could that would help me excel. One of the best pieces of advice I could give to anyone that isn’t fashion-related would be: always do what makes you happy and what you know will make you stronger than the day before. You never know what you’re capable of until you try. That being said, never be afraid to try a new style. See a colorful romper that would be perfect for a holiday? Grab it before someone else does. Scared to wear high heels with that dress? Grab the first pair of nude heels (because nude goes with everything) you see and go for it, girl!

I would describe my style as comfortable, but chic. I am a firm believer that you have to be comfortable before you can be confident! I always love to move around and enjoy myself, no matter what I do. However, something that I think I don’t look good in always hinders my experience. Also, being on the go all the time requires me to be comfortable so I can go straight from my morning breakfast and take on the day in my outfit. In everything I wear, you will see looser fitting garments that accentuate my curves. Want to steal my look? Pair a great shirt-dress with a pair of bold sunnies and booties. Oh, and don’t forget the earrings and to top it off with a perfect topknot.

I can’t wait for an adventure-filled summer with all you Fashionistas/os.