STYLE GURU BIO: Rachael Quarcoo

STYLE GURU BIO: Rachael Quarcoo

I’ve always been interested in fashion and the creative industry, my earliest memory of high fashion was sitting down watching Fashion TV. I was always fascinated by the intricate designs and the confidence of the models walking down the runway. But honestly, even with a keen interest in fashion developing my personal style hasn’t been a walk in the park. One of the major influences of for my fashion sense been living in East Africa as well as the clothes I grew seeing on my mother which were West African. I would say that street style in major fashion capitals like New York and London really influenced my style as well. I always loved to mix, match and experiment and I’m finding more and more that if you just step outside your comfort zone good things usually happen (particularly when it comes to fashion). This inspired me to start my own fashion and lifestyle blog in 2015 and develop my skills in photography and digital content creation

I am a third-culture kid, which to most people is somewhat of a bizarre term. It basically means that I grew up in numerous different countries, which weren’t my country of origin. I’ve lived in Uganda, Kenya, England and now Canada. This involuntary globetrotting, made me develop a serious case of wanderlust. I love to travel and I find it hard to stay in one place for too long. After all, what’s the fun in that anyway?

I’m currently really into minimalist and ’90s fashion, I love bright and bold patterns, tailored fits and some more avant-garde pieces. To me fashion is art, it’s as individual and personal as it is public. My style shows my emotions and sells my ‘brand’ to the world.

Currently, my favourite publications include Local Wolves and Cosmopolitan although I’ve recently gotten into audiobooks and podcasts. I love to binge watch Netflix, write poetry and listening to jazz (long story)!

This outfit is one of my go-to’s; a black turtleneck paired with a statement piece, a neutral duster, some cool jeans and chic but functional boots. Colour me a minimalist.