June 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Why hello fashion enthusiasts! As a Gemini, I would like to say, I have inherited multiple personalities, when it comes to fashion that is! Interestingly enough, I have learned throughout my fashion life that I do not have one particular style I follow. Depending on the day and depending on what I can assemble from my closet, which is always “nothing!” I will decide what I will wear! Am I right or am I right? What I have noticed as I attend Western Washington University is that fashion is very unique. Everyone seems to have different styles and all students have respect for all! That is one of the reasons why I love going to school there, no judgment on what you want to be or wear. As a student double majoring in Finance and Marketing, go figure with the indecisive personality trait, I find myself having the fun side of things and serious. I get to play both parts of the majors yet I get to be creative.

Western Washington University is located in Washington if you haven’t already guessed. What I adore about being born and raised in the state of Washington is the seasons it brings.  We get the pleasure of enjoying fall, winter, spring and summer days. This is great for me because I get to explore my wardrobe more. I would have never thought I would try to be a Style Guru because I didn’t have a distinct style. I learned that you just have to be yourself and embrace it! If there are many styles I enjoy, then I will collaborate and make it my own. It’s the only way you can express yourself and have fun with it! Like today, I decided to be casual by wearing dark wash jeans plus a light blue blouse from Abercrombie & Fitch, some Vans slip-on shoes and a faux leather jacket  from Express.

My experience with fashion is zero to none. What this internship exposes me to is the ability to expand my creativity, not only in fashion but also photography. I want to be able to learn how people paint a picture when it comes to fashion. From every decision such as pants to shirts to shoes, how did you come about on piecing all of these items into one final look, one final picture. I am so excited to explore the fashion world and photography world, so follow me and take on the challenge.