STYLE GURU BIO: Quimani Gray

January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello my beautiful readers! I can’t wait to share this semester with you as a part of the CollegeFashionista team!

With a campus that’s only a few miles from New York City, you’ll find a stimulating melting pot of people expressing through all forms of creativity in art, culture and fashion. At one of the most culturally diverse universities in the country, it’s common to walk through campus and find hundreds of individuals with contrasting perspectives strutting down their city runway with platforms of ideas and coats of ambition. On my New Brunswick campus, I’ve found that fashion is a metaphor; a metaphor that uses apparel and accessories as representation for our inner selves. Therefore, our inward personalities are appareled and accessorized to inscribe our signatures in our outer circumstance.

I’ve never considered myself a “trendy” person who consciously decides to wear what’s in or out of style (or what people believe style to be). I, however, have always considered style to be subjective and relative to the person choosing to sport it. The word “trend” literally refers to tendencies and mutual inclinations towards one particular thing. In this case, fashion trendiness is not what people should be wearing but, rather, a consistent affinity of personal opinions on style and what people collectively want to wear (which is always changing and being reshaped).

Over these next few weeks when I present WHAT TO WEAR and STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK, remember that my opinion is just that—only an opinion. I’ll show you what I like, what I found stylish and how to emulate the common trends of the everyday fashion world of college youth. Rather than just photographing outfits of my fellow students, I’ll be capturing personalities and interesting styles that inspire me to develop my own look and hopefully yours, too. My articles will only serve as a foundation, however, so don’t forget to add your own twist and originality like the Fashionistas/os who will be captured in the upcoming weeks at Rutgers.

This spring, remember to take a Netflix break (I mean a break from your arduous schoolwork) and join me in my visual journey down the urban streets of Central Jersey academia.