May 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Qiuting Jin, and I am a junior studying Apparel Design and Technology at Purdue University. I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. This is my second time being a Style Guru.

Simplicity is always one of the most common themes chosen by the fashioners. A complete fashion look needs to conform with the principle of integrity and uniformity. Simple and concise design is effortless and shows a woman’s beauty. In my view, another beacon besides color coding to judge a fashion design is the fabric quality. Beauty and comfort are two important factors to judge a fashion look.

Take a look at these romper culottes branded by Free People. The brilliant piece of this look is the close-fitting of the upper-part and the loose-clipping of the lower-part of the body with the smooth fabric. Since it’s a conjoined design, there’s no need to worry about which item need to match another, but the shoes could be a punch line of the whole outfit. For the shoes, I chose a leather slipper by J.Crew with a rubber bottom which create an athletic feel as well as add a casual touch to the whole look. This pair of shoes is very comfortable with an excellent dress sense. If you think that the whole look is too dull, some addition on your neck or finger is a good choice. I choose a necklace combination of a red heart-shaped and white butterfly-shaped pendant with a green cone-shaped pendant, then use a red nail polish and wore a cute dear-shaped ring. Those different colors gave my whole look with a feeling of youth and vividness.

As for the approaching of the summer season, dressing nicely and also lightly are my two main purposes. This summer I am planning to travel to different places in Asia. I will bring back different college students’ fashion trends to you. Let’s dress up and enjoy the summer!