January 9th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hey everyone! My name is Polly and I’m so incredibly excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista team this upcoming semester!

I’m a first year Business/Economics major at the beautiful University of California, Los Angeles. As a first year, everything’s new. I’m at a new part of California (my heart will always belong in Northern California), I’m surrounded by new people and I’m even being introduced to an entirely new perspective on style down here in Southern California.

As a native of the San Francisco areamore specifically a small town called Alameda, which is right across the bay from the lovely citymy surroundings have shaped a great deal of my sense of style. San Francisco itself is not only a world of color and vivacity of the city, but it is also a world of local coffee shops with rustic furniture and nature walks on a sunny afternoon. These aspects, the parts that are hidden from the bold impression of busy streets and towering buildings, resonate with how I see beauty and how that reflects my style.

I see it everyday; whether I’m sitting at a local cafe or the San Francisco ferry building, I have grown to appreciate fashion as an expression of art, especially with time spent seeing the style diversity in one of the most diverse cities in the nation. With many hours of Project Runway, fashion blogs and magazines, lifestyle blogsand let’s be honest, Pinterest has got to be up there tooI’ve come to realize that fashion is pretty much everywhere. It’s something that will always be there, even if I move a couple hours down the state or across the country.

As a budding Style Guru of this upcoming new year (Happy New Year!), I’m proud to be able to introduce my eye of style to all of you and report the beauty that I see, not only at UCLA, but in the grand city of Los Angeles. Since it is a new year, I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything “Marsala,” better known as Pantone’s color of 2015! It’s a beautiful deep burgundy that would make any outfit stand out. For example, check out these booties, this office handbag, or even this gorgeous lace swing dress as standout pieces.

Cheers to the beauty of a new year and, of course, to all the styles and trends of UCLA this upcoming season!