STYLE GURU BIO: Phelicia Ball

Hey there, fashionable beings! My name is Phelicia Ball, but you can call me Phe, pronounced “FEE;” it is super simple and typically easier for people to pronounce. My name beginning with a “P” usually throws everyone off, and you might as well go ahead and say it: “Bye Phelicia!” I get it all the time.

Now that the jokes are all out, I can tell you a little bit about myself! I am a junior at Syracuse University majoring in writing with a minor in public communications. I have a tremendous love for the power that pen and paper can manifest. The power of words excites me! You can always catch me writing down thoughts, ideas for projects or even just a song I want to remember for later! I have a dream to someday be editor-in-chief of a magazine or possibly even begin my own.

When I am not making snow angels and battling the dreadful snowstorms in Syracuse, I can be caught in Washington, D.C., which I call home. Yes, I’ve seen the President a billion times, and no, D.C. isn’t just about having the President as your “neighbor”. I love going to art museums and shows and can almost always be seen flipping through a magazine in one of D.C.’s finest coffee shops. No, but seriously I literally live in coffee shops with my best friend. I’m a lover of good vibes, good music and awesome people, all of which can be found in a local coffee shop. My best friend and I have been on a mission to go to every coffee shop in D.C.

Well, we’re all here because clearly we have a love for fashion or maybe need some new tips on styling our next outfit. My love for fashion came about as a means of self-expression. My style is truly an extension of myself. Clothing became my voice as a child and was an outlet that I believe is so powerful. Miuccia Prada said it best, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” Fashion is absolutely instant language for me. I wouldn’t say I have a particular “style” per se; my style just shows how daring I am and that I’m never afraid to express how I feel—something that I believe is so important. Fashion is like a canvas that you have the power to control and express in anyway that you desire! It may sound crazy, but your style can tell a story.

In this particular outfit above, I am wearing leggings from Zara, a V-neck bodysuit from American Apparel and a faux fur jacket and booties (both from H&M). This look is so simple yet so chic.

Syracuse may suffer from snowstorms and cold weather, however the style that occupies campus is astonishing. Stay tuned to see how these students dress for the storm!