Hello fabulous Fashionistas/os! My name is Peter Lim. I am currently a senior at Loyola University Chicago majoring in Advertising and a minor in Graphic design. Fashion has always stood a special place in my heart. It’s my passion and I hope I will turn my passion into something big someday.

I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s a beautiful and warm country with multicultural society. Back in Malaysia, I didn’t get to play with a lot of layering due to the warm and humid weather we have there. I am so glad that I moved to Chicago to practice my layering style; I’m a huge fan of layering. Layering your outfit can help elevate one’s elegance and style. For me, I usually like to layer my outfits with a thick and long coat and top that off with my favorite wool scarf. My style is rather versatile. I can be super dapper one day, and super street style another day. I love to experiment with different styles because what is life without trying and experimenting new stuff? Am I right?

One statement color I would incorporate into my daily outfit is the color black. I’m all about the black on black aesthetic. I don’t think I can leave my apartment without a single black item with me. That is how intense I can be. I know playing with the color black can be pretty mundane sometimes. To make it more interesting, I would normally pair my black on black outfit with any bold colored accessories. My outfit for this STYLE GURU BIO post is an example of that because I already have a full black outfit and I want my accessories to pop on my outfit. Here I am wearing a “Pantone Rose Quartz” 6 panel panel cap from OKOKOK. I also pair it with a bright blue Etudes Studio tote bag to create a more interesting look.

I can’t wait to share more tips on layering and creating black on black outfits on this platform. Hope you tune in to read my article every month!