STYLE GURU BIO: Paxton Elrod

STYLE GURU BIO: Paxton Elrod

From the heart of the big Orange Country, my name is Paxton Elrod, and I bid you a hello, CollegeFashionista! I am currently a senior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media with a focus in Broadcasting. Entertainment news will forever be my passion and Red Carpet looks are my addiction of choice. Though this is my first semester as a Style Guru, I feel confident in the fact that you all will soon pick up on my obsession for unique things and my sarcastic banter.

I would say my fashion fairytale began at an age where I could walk, but if we’re being honest, my mother was dressing me in fabulous pieces the moment I was born. Though I was bald for the first few years of my life and my figure was on the chunky side, you better believe if I had printed leggings on there was a hat to go with it. If we breeze through the uncomfortable years of my tall self not being completely proportional (Hollister Co. hoodies, Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and a head that was way too big for her body), I began to form a true passion for meshing different styles and uncovering trends for my everyday looks.

Since I have started down this “let’s be honest” path, I’ll continue by uncovering my deepest fashion secret. Some would say they have a favorite brand, store or even style that they gravitate toward when they are in their happy place (shopping), but my response has always remained a tad bit different in that area. I can honestly say that I do not have a favorite store, and brands can range from kate spade to the yellow tags at Goodwill, and my style is changing daily. Although I live in a city that is focused around trends like girls wearing XXL shirts and guys wearing XXS shorts, I enjoy stepping out of the southern box and bringing a different taste to this orange and white campus.

Now that I’ve opened the door of my slightly dysfunctional but always entertaining life, feel free to step right over the threshold into my mind for some random fashion inspiration, witty commentary and laughable blog posts. Enjoy!