STYLE GURU BIO: Paulina Latacela

Hey guys, my name is Lina! Today, I am celebrating as my junior year at Hunter College comes to an end, reliable doors shut and others spring right open. I will celebrate the unknown—where greatness lies. The truth is, senior year has been a long time coming and I’m thrilled to put my craft to work (work, work, work) in the “real” world! A year from now, I’ll want to look back and reminisce on a summer well spent. There is plenty on my ‘to-do list’ that I have yet to fulfill: watch the sunrise on the beach, commit to yoga once a week, create a fashion and lifestyle blog and go sky-diving!

Speaking of a fashion blog, this semester will be my one-year anniversary interning as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista. This past year has been an insightful and rewarding year with the amazing CF team and community of RAD babes. From what I remember, I’ve had a niche for fashion since middle school but my mom claims otherwise. I would style-watch for kicks in the middle of fourth period lunch. At that age, I was aware my aunt graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in fashion design, but I wasn’t aware of the countless career opportunities in fashion. If I had known then, I’d like to think I would be a stylist by now!

To me, style is personal and fashion is universal, and that is why I’m fascinated by personal style. During the past year as a Style Guru, new trends surfaced and old trends reemerged, but my current favorite trend is culottes. At first, I didn’t think this trend would work for me, but I found this perfect pair on a whim. To transition this new trend into my own style, I paired them with my old time favorites: a choker and slip-ons. As my style evolves while keeping an open mind, I remain true to my own aesthetic.