STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Sweitzer

Hello lovely readers! My name is Olivia Sweitzer. I am a senior at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I ventured from a quaint town on the Connecticut coast to Nashville, “Music City” to pursue an education in music business. Along the way of my music journey, I discovered a love for fashion. You can find me reading about the latest trends, watching fashion documentaries on Netflix (or really anything on Netflix) and always hunting for the perfect pair of shoes. My personal style is definitely a cross between chic and edgy. I am a strong believer that shoes complete every look. A current trend I am obsessed with is the necktie scarf paired with an off-the-shoulder top.

My love for fashion started with the simple idea that there is such a form of expression within it. Although I do believe in the age-old saying, “never judge a book by its cover,” I find that everyone has a distinct cover that can often be expressed through the way they dress. This is why my dream job would be a fashion stylist! I would love to help others create their “cover” into something that makes them look and feel amazing!

For this look, I wanted to incorporate a bold and unique flare to my usual all-black attire. This colorful dress adds a modern femininity while still keeping a bit of the edge that pairs well with the fringe leather jacket. To tie it all in, I decided to go with maroon star clutch and nude pumps. A fringe leather jacket creates a challenge that I was willing to bring to my closet. Pairing this jacket with a dress and heels is a good way to balance out the total “rocker” vibe that it can embody. For a more casual look I would pair this jacket with vintage jeans and mid-heel mules.

I believe that fashion has no restrictions. So if I could give a bit of advice it would be to dress boldly, wear what YOU love and always incorporate pieces you feel are unique to your personal style! Express yourself and work it! I cannot wait to continue my journey as a style guru. Check back for more style coverage of my favorite Fashionista’s! Ciao!