STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Sutton

Hello… it’s me, Lili (Adele’s voice).

My real name is Olivia but I go by Lili. How do you get Lili from Olivia? You don’t, haha. Ever since I was a little girl I have worn Lilly Pulitzer head to toe, so at a very young age people started to call me “Lilly”. My mom wanted me to be unique so she spelled it “Lili.”

I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland where I was  exposed to mostly preppy and nautical clothing. This past summer I interned for Ralph Lauren in the NYC corporate office as an assistant stylist and was exposed to very eclectic style. Additionally, I attended Virginia Commonwealth University my freshman year before transferring to University of South Carolina in the fall of 2015. As you can see I have experienced many fashion phases and I’ve found that my style it isn’t just one brand. It’s a combination of many brands, many styles and ultimately expressing myself and the mood I’m in. In September, Ralph Lauren flew me up to NYC to help out with Fashion Week. New York Fashion Week was all it’s cracked up to be and that experience confirmed my passion for fashion and how much I love being around creative people.

For me there is no such thing as wearing “too many” accessories. By accessorizing it allows me to express myself and showcase my personality. My latest accessories are tons of bracelets, some rings, two different earrings and a Helen Ficalora initial necklace. I love everything bright and sparkly, hence the Louboutin shoes and clutch, also the splatter painted Ralph Lauren jeans. Anyway, style should not be based off of what is published in the latest magazine issues. It is more than just following a trend. When you put on your fabulous outfit for the day or night it always reflects who you are, so don’t be afraid to be different. Alexander McQueen once stated “ It’s a new era in fashion- there are no rules.”

I am a sophomore at the University of South Carolina and there is so much about USC to love—my sorority (Chi Omega), late night insomnia cookie runs, our football games and much more! I am currently a fashion merchandising major, minoring in business. I guess part of studying fashion merchandising means also studying the appearance of trends on the street. So this spring I am looking for Fashionistas who are not afraid to express themselves differently than everyone else.

I cannot wait to post my articles and I hope you enjoy them! Go Cocks!