STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Laskowski

STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Laskowski

Bonjour everyone! My name is Olivia Ray Laskowski and I’m beyond excited to be returning as a Style Guru for the spring semester. Since my last bio I’ve completed my first semester at Northeastern University studying international business, have applied to study abroad, survived five months working at the hectic, but wonderful, Madewell Newbury and have begun working as a stylist on a magazine. All of these have pushed me to stretch myself, approach things differently and most importantly, take risks. My best fashion moments of my first semester came when I stepped out of my comfort zone, and looking toward 2016, I want risk taking to be a part of my daily dressing routine.

I mentioned in my last bio that my laid back, artsy hometown Nashville had a huge bearing on my style. I found that this mixes with my lifestyle in Boston very well. My deep seeded love of sturdy leather goods, comfy cool boots and everything denim was well suited to life in a fast-paced, young and walkable city. My outfits made small statements using unique pieces and textured accessories, but wasn’t shouting out at anyone in the bustling streets of Boston. On the street I still saw so many people standing out in their own way and I loved that. I decided to push mine a little farther. Staying true to my style, I went for new shapes, interesting patterns and pieces I’ve always assigned to the “I could never wear that” category.

As I did at home, much of my inspiration comes from people I see out on the street, in cafes or around campus. My new street style icons aren’t celebrities, but rather some super stylish students that I repeatedly see on campus. I still look to Soo Joo Park, The Sartorialist and Jennifer Neyt for that extra idea from time to time. When I’m watching the runways, I’ve found myself leaning to more clean cut brands for looks, constantly watching Dior, Chanel and Miu Miu these past months. I’ve always loved high fashion, but have usually gravitated more toward edgier, less elevated designers. I think a semester at business school has me eyeing Dior’s tailored blazers and Chanel’s ever present skirt suits, I hope to be living in those a few years from now.

If I’m being honest, after a wild and incredibly busy semester I have much less of a mantra when it comes to dressing. Sometimes it’s “I wore this cute thing last night to run an errand for an hour and nobody saw, so I’ll go for it.” When I’m thinking on it more, my newest strategy is to try to wear an outfit I’ve never worn before as much as possible. Lately, I’ve been combining my clothes in ways I never thought of or digging out old favorites that I haven’t seen in awhile. I have my go-to black jeans, boots and denim jacket, but increasingly I’ve pushed myself to some funky cropped flares or cool overalls, which previously felt off limits for me.

My true to self, but slightly riskier wardrobe includes my 11” high riser cropped flares, cross-back overalls, cheetah print notched loafers and my signature fake blonde locks. Along with these new fun pieces I’m hoping to venture more into the world of wearing heels and staying chic, while staying warm during the frigid Boston winter.

I’m hoping you all had an amazing 2015 and that you’re ready to tackle 2016 with style, confidence and a little bit of risk taking!