STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Diaz De Leon

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey there all you #RAD Style Gurus! I’m a sophomore at Illinois State University and I’m very thrilled to be a Style Guru this fall!

When I was little my friends and I would play dress up 24/7. We would pretend we were on the fashion runway and strut our fabulous outfits to my family members and pose for the camera. Whenever I went to the store with my family I would run to the aisle with all the magazines and look through them. I would pick out a fashion magazine and point out all these unique outfits and say, “Oooo I want that!” Not much has changed since then. I guess you could say I still play dress up because I try on my friend’s clothes all the time. I still look through my fashion magazines and say I want every outfit I see! My love for fashion has only grown with me.

I think a person’s outfit says a lot about their personality and that is what makes everyone so unique because we all have our own sense of style. I’ve been trying to come out of my comfort zone lately and try new styles. I would say my type of style is all over the place; one day it will be street style and the next day bohemian style. You’ll never know what I’ll be wearing next!

I spend my days catching up on fashion related news and oh, of course, looking up cute pictures of dogs. My love for fashion is just as strong as my love for dogs. I mean come on how you could not love dogs? I’m also very into photography. I’m always the one to say “let me take a picture of you!” or “take a picture of me!” One picture can have so many meanings and that’s why my phone is constantly overflowing with pictures because pictures are so expressive. Other than that I’m really good at blowing all my paychecks on new fashion apparel 24/7!

I can’t wait for you all to read my articles!