STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Cleary

Hey, hi, hello to all! I’d like to start off by saying I’m Olivia! I’m a sophomore at Bloomsburg University and this is my second semester with College Fashionista. I reside in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where I spend most of my “free time” working and watching Netflix. A few of my favorite things include hiking, shopping (go figure), and having photo shoots with my friends.

Recently, I have made an attempt to step out of my fashion comfort zone and I cannot wait to see the transformation that it will have. A lot of what I normally wear are dark colors and neutrals, however, I am making my way into adding pops of color here and there to spice up my wardrobe. Different shades of pink and orange have made their way into my home, where my family sleeps, and I have to say I am quite okay with it. Not only does it give me a variety of different accessories to choose from, but it helps draw attention to what I am trying to show off in a particular piece. Personally having dark hair while adding color helps so that I do not look completely flushed constantly, and it just makes everything much more colorful, get it?

In addition, some trends that I jumped on the bandwagon for include chokers, fishnet tights, and turtleneck shirts. Not only am I excited to show you all things fashion forward this semester, but I am extremely excited to see all of the fashion tips that are going to be thrown my way as well. I look forward to making connections with Fashionista/os from all across the country and cannot wait to see what this semester holds!