May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

You know that one person in every class who always has something relevant (or should I say “relevant”) to share? Yeah…that’s not me. My name is Oilang (oy-long) Maui (yep, like the island) and I am Fashion Marketing major at the Art Institute of Portland here in Oregon.

My love of fashion really began when I studied abroad in Japan. There are so many inspirations, not just in the style, which was everywhere, but the culture and land itself. Introducing oneself is normal there, and I was (in my eyes) mercilessly made to introduce myself everywhere I went as Japanese manner was expected. So, I started using fashion as a way of introducing myself without having to say anything, unless I’m in Japan, of course, where my outfit does not speak for me and I actually have to.

Of course, there’s more to me than fashion. No day can go wrong if started with a cappuccino! I love ice cream and it is dangerous that I live 10 minutes away from Salt and Straw, aka the best ice cream shop ever. Between ice cream and a good burger, it’s no wonder I’ve never developed the abs I try to plank and crunch out at the gym.

My personal style changes like Portland spring weather. You might catch me in a men’s button-down with a trusty pair of Converse. The next day, you may see me in dress shorts and a tucked graphic T-shirt running around in colorful, chunky heels. That’s what I love about fashion. Rules schmules—you can be anything at any time!

I think it’s funny that Portland has garnered this reputation for being a city of flannel wearing, bicycle riding, bearded hipsters. While I don’t deny I have a fearsome collection of flannel in my closet, there is way more than that going on this city. There is a steady stream of eclectic styles including flirty grunge, chic punk and playful tomboy. I am so excited to share all the styles coming from my school block. With a camera around my neck and paper and pen in hand, I’m ready to introduce you all to some Fashionistas/os, and myself when necessary, thanks to Japan!