STYLE GURU BIO: Oguguam Ugwuanyi

May 26th, 2015 at 3:41pm
STYLE GURU BIO: Oguguam Ugwuanyi

Hello lovelies, my name is Oguguam Ugwuanyi. I’m a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago, as I mentioned in my bio I’m a Theology major with a minor in African studies. This is my first semester as a Style Guru for College Fashionista and hopefully I’ll be back for many more semesters. I’m super excited to be a part of this phenomenal community.

Fashion has always been my fix; when I was five years old I got into Barbizon models and started doing runway for little kids. Changing into different cute outfits each show really excited me and made me fall in love with dressing up. Then I turned 13—“the year of the teenager” and joined Page Parkes. Unfortunately I was too short for runway but I was the perfect height for retail. Being in retail as a teenager really made me realize fashion wasn’t only about cute outfits, it made me realize that fashion was all about being outside the box and not wearing what everyone else wore. That’s when I knew that no matter what I did in life, fashion would always be a part of me.

I have a huge obsession with menswear; if someone were to ask me where my favorite place to shop is the first thing that would come right out my mouth would be “my dad’s closet.” I love menswear because of how simple yet versatile it is and it goes with any shoe—heels, oxfords, sneakers, you name it and I love shoes so it’s just a win-win situation for me.

My style icon would have to be Richard Saturnino Owens, also known as Rick Owens. Although he also designs for women, I love him particularly for his menswear (like I said menswear is bae). I’m fascinated with the choice of fabrics he chooses to use and how he’s monochromatic with his color preference.

On Campus there are a lot of stylish souls and my goal is to find them and showcase their pizazz to the world aka you guys!

Be on the lookout for my posts every Tuesday this summer!