STYLE GURU BIO: Nyolie Saint-Phard

Hey there! My name is Nyolie Saint-Phard and I major in Fashion Merchandising at LIM College. My goal is to become a successful stylist and fashion designer. Since my first semester of college I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and making new experiences in fashion. This is my first time as a Style Guru and I can’t wait to take pictures to express my style and other stylish people I come across.

My style is pretty fun and chill. My perfect chill outfit would be high-waisted jeans and a cute crop top. I can dress up in a classy outfit and also wear something laid back. My favorite stores to shop at are Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, H&M and Fashion Nova. I also like thrifting and creating my own cute denim looks. Thrifting is a good way for me to create many looks especially because I want to be a designer.

I love wearing makeup. My makeup always looks natural and never too over the top. I just started trying contour but I never go too crazy with it because I like a natural look. I’m a lipstick girl. My favorite shades I like to wear are dark purple, dark brown and nude. I have multiple lipsticks from the NYX brand because I love how moisturized my lips stay after using them.

In this post my turquoise jacket and my white top are from Charlotte Russe, my burgundy skirt and shoes are from Fashion Nova and my lovely and favorite black purse is from H&M.