STYLE GURU BIO: Nuria Madrenas

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, Fashionista/os! I am absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to share my musings and passions with fellow creative individuals such as yourselves. The number one question I get asked when first introducing myself is the origin of my name. It’s relatively unheard of on this side of the pond, eh? (My Canadian side is showing). Well, my name is of Catalan origin from Barcelona, which is where my extended family resides. I, myself, was born in Washington, D.C. I lived in D.C. for a short period of time before moving to Canada and now, here we are! I am now heading into my fourth year of university in the city of Toronto, Ontario. I am studying Communications and could not be more pleased with where this path is leading me.

I know many of you will sympathize with me when I say I have an intense addiction-to social media, that is. My days are consumed with scrolling down my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds to be kept up to date with each happening, trend and idea that may emerge from those that inspire me. I am a huge advocate of personal self-expression and the power that is given to the individual and society by way of social media. We all are given the gift of being able to share our enthusiasm for particular initiatives with mass amounts of people simultaneously. This idea is why I am over the moon to be able to use this opportunity to share what inspires me and to draw inspiration from fellow Style Gurus and readers!

I find the beauty of self-expression has the possibility to be demonstrated in several ways. Namely, your own personal sense of style has a major impact on your mood and on other’s perceptions of you. I am so excited to head out onto the streets of the beautiful (albeit somewhat chaotic) city of Toronto and meet new individuals with impeccable style and seek to understand how their personal expression has influenced their sartorial choices.

I hope this semester I am able to learn from others and use such wisdom in my future endeavors in this field of fashion and lifestyle. Here’s hoping!

Stay RAD, my beautiful friends.