STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Reaber

STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Reaber

Hey there Fashionistas!

My name is Nicole Reaber. I am a 21-year-old college senior living on Long Island. I go to school at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, New York where I study business administration. I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree and plan to continue on to receive an M.B.A. I also studied fashion merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where I earned my associates degree.

Fashion was something that always so fascinating to me, even as a child. When I was little, I would watch red carpet events on television, study the looks of my favorite celebrities and try to find pieces that imitated them whenever my mom took me shopping. While in school, I worked as an assistant manager at Justice, a clothing store for tween girls, where I get to help the future Fashionistas of the world build their own style and copy the looks of their favorite celebrities.

This is my second semester as a Style Guru and I could not be more excited to share my style journey with all of my readers. I believe that someone’s personal “style” does not have to be one set look. Although, I absolutely have certain go-to pieces and favorite shades of lip gloss. In fact, my style changes nearly every day based on how I feel and where I’m headed. I think that no outfit is ever complete without the right accessories.

I have a passion for traveling. I hope to see as much of the world as possible. When I am not out having an adventure, I’m more than likely at school, at the beach or shopping for new shoes.

It’s been said that “Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it,” and I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. It only takes a swipe of a card to be fashionable, but it takes imagination to develop style.