STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Coppins

STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Coppins

When I was three years old, I asked my mom if I could add pink fringe and sequins to my blue jeans because I thought they were “too boring”. When I was five, I started sneaking out of bed after my parents tucked me in to switch the outfit my mom had picked out for the next day. When I was seven, I started watching shows like TLC’s What Not to Wear and drawing the outfits. Throughout high school, I worked at a women’s clothing boutique and took fashion focused precollege classes. I also started writing my own fashion blog that I still update weekly. Now, I am living my dream as a freshman at Drexel University as a design & merchandising major. And of course, I’m a CollegeFashionista Style Guru this semester!

I also love listening to music, writing and traveling. As a freshman at Drexel, I am looking forward to exploring my new city, Philadelphia and getting a taste of the Philly culture and style. Drexel is situated in University City, an up-and-coming neighbourhood full of college students and young people and I’m here to capture Drexel students’ best looks and share them with you all.

I’ve always tried to fit my style or aesthetic into a larger category or box, but lately I’ve noticed it’s much more fun to experiment with different looks and trends. Style isn’t about conformity; some of the best looks come together by mixing different styles and elements together. I love the feeling of slipping on a girly dress then pairing it with an edgy, leather moto jacket and ultra suede lace-up flats and my latest obsession, a black choker necklace. Today, I opted for a tight fitting mock turtleneck tank top, striped culottes and minimalist earrings. Putting together new outfits every morning is one of my favorite parts of the day; each new outfit is a chance to express myself to the world.

Fashion is something I’ve used as a tool of self-expression my entire life. I’m not quite sure what I was trying to express with the pink fringe and sequinned jeans as a preschooler, but I paired it with my favorite accessory to this day: confidence. Always be confident in what you wear and what you do—your outfits are a representation of you, so smile and work it, Fashionista/o!

I can’t wait to start writing and sharing my monthly findings and inspirations on campus. Be sure to follow me on social media and check out my posts every month!