STYLE GURU BIO: Nicholas Sullivan

It is crazy to think that the insecure boy, who wore Skrillex T-shirts and basketball shorts to school everyday until he was 14, would be a Style Guru Intern at CollegeFashionista. It never occurred to me at that time in my life that by the time I turned 19, fashion would be one of the biggest aspects of my life. However, here I am, writing an article focused on fashion and my love for it to an audience of like minded individuals.

My name is Nick Sullivan and I am currently attending Washtenaw Community College taking pre requisites before I transfer to Central Michigan University, where I will be studying (shocker), fashion merchandising. My decision to study fashion as a career has been many years in the making, starting with a 14-year-old freshman at Brighton High School. The day I discovered what fashion was to me will forever be in my memory. Since those Skrillex T-shirt days, my style has been ever evolving. I definitely do not fit into any one category, as I dress for myself, and no one else. Nothing makes me happier than to see weird looks from people as I walk to my classes, because I know that no matter what, I am being myself.

Now that I am a freshman in college, my love for fashion has never been greater. When I am not browsing on websites of brands that I cannot afford, I am looking through social media as a means for inspiration. My biggest fashion inspiration happens to be Devonté Hynes, whose eccentric style inspires me to push the boundaries of what I and others expect of me. My style is ever-changing, but some constants remain; pastels and monochromatic color schemes. They may seem to be exact opposites of each other but I enjoy mixing the two to create my own brand of style.

To best show off my current style, I chose an outfit that blended the two themes I previously mentioned. I chose to pair a basically all black and white outfit with a pastel pink button up to break things up. I also included a grid print jacket to bring some dynamic movement into the outfit. An outfit by me would not be complete without a solid colored baseball cap to pull all of the colors in the outfit together, it just so happens that the cap is white.

As a Style Guru intern here at CollegeFashionista, I am thrilled to be able to share my thoughts and opinions on various trends and outfits throughout this semester. I am only hoping that this internship proves to not only challenge my views on fashion and what is possible, but to expand my seemingly endless love of it.