STYLE GURU BIO: Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Heath·er /ˈheT͟Hər/ noun. Synonyms: Free-spirited, adventure-seeking, carefree, and radiant. Style: bohemian flower child meets a grunge princess

Just as the definition states, I am one who seeks adventure and cherishes life for what it’s worth. I live for each moment at ease and without haste. I aspire to travel the world, treating each and every stop as a new destination. My persona could be looked at as a glass of champagne—both bubbly and classy; and not to mention, I go to school in Champaign, IL (different spelling, but you get the point). I am a junior double majoring in marketing and management at the University of Illinois. You can catch me at a local coffee shop reminiscing with friends and enjoying the relaxing music, or running outside for miles on end; there’s no real in-between. I enjoy photography and, of course, every aspect of the fashion industry. One day I hope to venture out to the West Coast and settle down in the Los Angeles area, pursing a career in fashion. I long to be near the ocean, as I have found it is the one place I feel completely free. I cannot wait for you all to get to know me through my monthly blog posts, and I hope you check in frequently to see what I have to say.