STYLE GURU BIO: Natalie Fajardo

January 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Natalie Fajardo and I’m a sophomore Public Health student at the University of Washington. As a returning Style Guru, it makes me even more excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista team once again.

Living in the outskirts of Washington State, though I felt isolated I’ve always expressed myself through my style. Even if the roads of Silverdale did not fulfill my satisfaction for fashion, I had the online community to inspire me throughout my adolescence. From reading Teen Vogue and Seventeen to watching fashion vloggers, such as Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters, I have grown a love for fashion and style. I don’t know if it was the amazing clothes promotions, social media posts, or the beautifully designed magazine pages but I knew when I moved out of my small, trapped town into the greater city I wanted to emerge myself into what people call “the industry.”

I am now currently the Vice President of La Mode: Fashion Club at the University of Washington, a student organization that promotes fashion throughout campus by helping students celebrate their personal style. As a club we hold a quarterly campus magazine, throw events, and coordinate photo shoots for students! I have also been helping represent both Victoria Secret’s PINK and Teen Vogue on my campus. I’ve strengthened my communications, event planning, and marketing skills tremendously. This field has caught my eye so bad that I have even created my own blog. By throwing myself into fashion-related activities I figured out what I want to do in my future and have gained a deeper sense of my own style.

My personal style is indescribable. If something is convenient, comfy and cute you’ll see me wearing it. Five-panel hats are a must for when I’m too lazy to fix up my hair. The urban essence it gives off is perfect for the student scene. American Apparel’s simplicity makes it effortless for students like myself to complete an outfit. Layering is a go-to for the bipolar weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Cardigans and oversized clothing are the perfect layering tools to isolate the warmth needed for the winter quarter.

After residing in the city for about a year now I realized that Seattle is somewhere that students can express their style freely. I believe people need to start realizing that personal style is a type of celebration of one’s self! Fashion is not about who is dressed better than who or the cost of the attire but the expression of a person through clothing. Styling is an art and you’re the artist. Be confident, take risks, and have a good quarter Washingtonians! Watch out for my posts every Thursday and see who’ll be under the spotlight weekly. Have an awesome 2015!